At over 20,000w RMS, our soundsystem can be scaled to fit any size of event!


Designed for Drum & Bass, Trap, Dubstep, House and more, our soundsystem packs a huge punch to take your event to the next level!


Our Soundsystem has been used by clients such as UKF, Dorothy Perkins, Tisoki, Slam and more!


With a wide range of DJ euipment in stock, we can provide equipment to suit any style of DJ!

We can provide Industry Standard equipment from a wide range of brands including Pioneer, Technics and more!

Our mixers also support up to 4 channels, allowing for larger setups!


8x 1800w (RMS) 18 Inch Sub

4x 500w (RMS) 15 Inch Top

1x 1200w (RMS) Dual 12 Inch Top

4x 500w (RMS) 12 Inch Stage Monitor

1x 500w (RMS) 15 Inch Stage Monitor Sub

1x 16 Channel Audio Interface

6x Hardware Compressor

2x Stereo Feedback Destroyer

Audio Processed in Pro Tools

High End Audio Computer